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Office Administrator

Job Description

Our office has two busy lawyers, plus from time to time non-lawyer consultants assisting on our cases.  Although we do most of our own document preparation and review, there are still many tasks requiring support.   We need one person who can ensure all office functions are covered.  This includes:

  • Bookkeeping, banking, and other internal accounting functions.
  • Dealing with all suppliers
  • Ordering and managing stationery and supplies
  • In-person and telephone reception
  • Checking dockets and billing
  • Photocopying, printing and preparing large documents
  • File management
  • Proof reading documents
  • Managing schedules and deadlines
  • Opening and closing the office
  • Updating firm website as required
  • All other support functions

Qualifications and Experience

This will suit someone who is intelligent, energetic, and a self-starter. Our expectations with respect to quality and timeliness are very high.

Although this job is probably best suited for someone with several years’ office experience, someone with less experience will be considered if they have the right skills.

The following skills are required:

  • Excellent spoken and written communications in English. The position involves all dealings with suppliers, and significant interaction with clients and other parties.
  • Organization and time management. This person should be comfortable working with limited day to day supervision, accomplishing a wide range of tasks in a timely manner, and prioritizing effectively.
  • High level of comfort with numbers and accounting. Knowledge of PCLaw would be a considerable asset.  With or without that knowledge, ability to do bookkeeping and to learn our accounting system is essential.
  • Strong knowledge of MS Word and Excel.

This position description assumes that the candidate is a trained legal assistant, but that may not be necessary.   While some of the work fits within the classic legal assistant framework, most of it does not.

The congeniality and efficiency of our small office depends on the personality of the individual in this position, so the right fit will be very important to us.  We do not consider race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or other such factors in our hiring.  Those things are do not matter to us. The right personality does.


The position includes an annual salary commensurate with experience and typical of the market.  We have a normal benefits package, including medical and dental.  Vacation entitlement will depend on experience level.  All employees have a health club membership of their choosing.  We do not have a pension plan, but will consider directed RRSP payments in lieu of pension contributions.

Please send your application to the attention of Saba Parkar at



We are always on the lookout for new additions to our team. If you have your own practice or skills you think would mesh well with what we do, drop Mark Rubenstein an email at