For more than fifteen years, we have represented clients in almost every important electricity and natural gas proceeding in Ontario. We are among the leaders in energy regulation and policy.

Shepherd Rubenstein is located – not by accident – across the street from the Ontario Energy Board. Lawyers from the firm consider it part of their responsibility to maintain an ongoing and nuanced understanding of the state of energy regulation in Ontario.  This includes not just the published decisions in rate and other applications, and not just the formal policies established by the regulator.  It also includes understanding the unwritten rules and expectations, and the direction energy regulation is moving at any given point in time.  Our clients require that we have our finger on the pulse and we do.

Our services include:

  • Ontario Energy Board representation for ratepayer organizations, landowners, indigenous communities, environmental groups, and renewable energy applicants.
  • Regulatory advice relating to the energy sector and energy policy issues.
  • Assistance and advice in negotiating commercial supply and project agreements with local distribution companies and retailers (gas and electricity).
  • Canadian Energy Regulator representation for landowners, aboriginal communities, consumers, environmental groups for facilities or tariff applications (natural gas, oil, and electricity).
  • Representation before utility boards’ and energy regulatory commissions across Canada in rates, facilities, and policy matters.
  • Renewable energy project advice, contracting, approvals, reviews, and appeals.
  • Advice and assistance on local consultations, including with indigenous communities.
  • Ensuring compliance with energy regulations and policies.
  • Mediation and arbitration representation in energy contract disputes.
  • Conservation and demand side management contracts, policy, and audit advice.